We’re a bespoke full-cycle software company specialized in Mobile, Web and Blockchain solutions. Based in Europe, we’ve been helping start-ups and enterprises alike to grow and develop since 2003.

Strong management team and a multi-national workforce
Designing I.T and tailor-made ICT solutions
Fast mobilization capabilities to fast track projects in new emerging markets.
Sophisticated project management abilities. Ability to achieve value and share savings with
client Disciplined procurement.
Strong recorded in risk management

Team extension
Great option, when your ongoing project is in demand of new technologies, domain-specific expertise or just extra resources. Led by a manager on your side, our experts (or even one developer) will easily join your workflow and speed up your product time-to-market.
Managed dedicated team

This approach is used, if you need a managed cross-functional team that can release features independently. Smartym Pro’s well-knit teams are ready to help with the development of an end-to-end project or with speeding up an existing one, while you can focus on your business tasks.