Empire Technology Solutions has in the business of document security , access control and related security system. From planning and designing to printing and authentication of sensitive documents such as Visa stickers, personal ID’s, cheque books, other se documents.

Modern identity documents have to meet various technical requirements in order to be considered secure and fully functional. In addition, they should enable a fast and reliable match between and their owners. The security requirements aside, modern documents need complex graphical background designs, ideally reflecting the national identity and lifestyle of the issuing country. There are various approaches to achieving an effective solution for states and supranational organizations. As many citizens of industrialized states are frequent travelers, their documents are send in a large number of countries, so document security should be considered an international topic.

Our wide range of solutions in this niche include:

  • Travel Visa Stickers and other travel identity documents
  • Personal Identity Cards
  • Secure Title Deed Cards
  • Access Cards
  • Check Books
  • Academic Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Documents of Value and Vouchers
  • Barcode and RFID solutions
  • RFID scanners and readers
  • Biometric systems ( fingerprint scanners and face recognition )
  • Smart Card Readers and printers
  • Licenses and registrations