With increase in the demand for international travel in evolving business, educations, employments and tourism landscape, there is a need to have an effective versatile system to ease the visa process & accountability for the governments and travelers.

Making safe environment for the country from the possible vulnerabilities and illegal immigrants, it is mandatory to have a sophisticated system in place to authorize visas and track the visitors.

Empire Tec Solutions introduces its proven online visa application and processing system that helps immigration offices to efficiently and securely process visa. Our system is already in use and has been in use by the department of Immigration of Somalia.

Through this advanced technological software, the organizations intends to create a hassle free process where gradually the dependency on manual processes minimizes and the tedious process of issuing visa becomes completely automated. We understand time is essence and this step is also geared towards helping our clients t provide a superior service to their customers and thereby gain a competitive advantage over others.